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Health is wealth. This is the more popular and proven saying. In simple words if you don’t have good health then you cannot work nor can do anything to have a better life. So having the healthy family is the most valuable wealth in the world. But we need to remember that nowadays health care have become very expensive.

There are number of health care choices that a family can afford. Some of the health care programs in United States are

• Breast and / or Cervical Cancer Treatment Program

• Child and Adult Care Food Program

These health care programs are funded and organized by federal and state governments for eligible families and individuals. Now people have the security for their health. People in US used to suffer from financial problems as a part of their long term health issues; due to the introduction of health insurance these things have been prevented.

The Congressional Budget Officer director clarifies that there are may be many families or individuals that the Medicaid program covers who are not really eligible for coverage, thereby increasing the costs because the incurred medical expenses of these families or individuals are absorbed by the sate and the federal government as well.

State and federal governments are coming up with the ideas to educate families and individuals about the benefits of having a long term insurance plan.

So the families and individuals who completely depend on public health programs need to start there planning of having a health insurance. The state and federal government is always there to help you.

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