Where Does CARFAX Get Its Information?

Where Does CARFAX Get Its Information?

Where Does CARFAX Get Its Information?

The CARFAX® database is the most comprehensive and accurate vehicle database in North America, containing over 2 billion vehicle history records that are updated monthly. Each record reveals information about a car''s history, such as an odometer reading, date a salvage/junk title was issued, or if it was used as a rental car.

Source Data Provided What it means to you
State title records
  • Salvage/Junk titles
  • Flood titles
  • Lemon titles
  • Odometer readings
  • City/State of owner
  • Liens
  • Identify problem vehicles
  • Uncover odometer fraud
  • Learn possible number of owners
  • Avoid financial fraud
  • Learn where the vehicle has been
State registration records
  • Original vehicle use (rental, taxi, lease, etc.)
  • Learn about past use
Auto auctions
  • Odometer readings
  • Uncover odometer fraud
  • Learn odometer history
Salvage auctions
  • Salvage vehicle data
  • Identify salvaged cars that may not be reported on title
Canadian Motor Vehicle Departments
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Problem titles
  • Ownership transfers
  • Find cross-border activity
  • Identify problem vehicles
  • Track number of owners
Rental/Fleet Vehicle Companies
  • Salvage vehicle data
  • Identify salvage cars that may not be reported on title
Consumer Protection Agencies
  • Manufacturer Buyback (Lemon) Data
  • Detect buybacks not reported on the vehicle''s title
State Inspection Stations
  • Odometer Readings at inspection
  • Location of inspection site
  • Pass/fail inspection status
  • Uncover odometer rollbacks
  • Track vehicle driving patterns
  • Identify compliance problems
Maintenance Records
  • Major repair data from selected extended service companies
  • Learn repair/maintenance history
Damage Reports
  • Police department supplied accident data (selected states only)
  • Identify past damage
  • Fire departments across the U.S.
  • Identify vehicles damaged in fire incidents

How often is the database updated?
CARFAX is constantly receiving new information from its many sources to keep the database as current and accurate as possible. There is a lag time from the individual states of about 2-3 months in receiving the latest information. As soon as we receive it, we incorporate it into our database, and it becomes available on the reports.

Does CARFAX have information on vehicles in Canada?
CARFAX receives information from all Canadian provinces except Ontario. Even if you''re not sure of the origin of your vehicle, you may still request a used car report from the order screen. There''s no risk, since you won''t be asked for your credit card information until after CARFAX verifies that we have data on the vehicle.

Does CARFAX have information on vehicles made before 1981?
No, vehicles manufactured prior to 1981 will not be found in our database. This is the model year when a 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) became the industry standard. Prior to 1981, VINs varied in length from 11 to 17 characters. Because CARFAX tracks vehicles using a 17-digit VIN, we are unable to provide reports for vehicles built before 1981. As far as we know, there is no other place to acquire this data. Potential sources for information include the vehicle''s manufacturer, as well as vehicle-specific clubs and/or groups.

Does CARFAX have information on motorcycles, RVs and commercial trucks?
No. The CARFAX database contains over one billion records about used cars and light trucks, but no other types of motor vehicles. Your state''s vehicle titling agency may be able to provide assistance with questions you have on these vehicles.

I think that the information on the CARFAX report is in error.
How can I have it corrected?
CARFAX depends on its sources for the accuracy and reliability of its information. If you believe there is an error in the data on the report, you may contact CARFAX Consumer Affairs. Click on Contact CARFAX on the Help Center to send us an e-mail. We will provide you with simple instructions on how to submit information to have a report corrected.

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