The First Cup of Water in the Morning

The First Cup of Water in the Morning

We all knew, night the human in sleeps time from the skin, the breath, the urine has consumed the massive moisture contents, the body will be in the morning at the physiology water scarcity the condition, therefore, the early morning needs to drink a water to supplement metabolism will consume moisture content; Moreover, during supplement moisture content''s, the early morning drinks water can also stimulate stomach''s creeping motion, the moist intestinal tract, prevents the constipation. Likes to look good the female needs this water, because early morning drinks water may promote the blood circulation, helps to remove in vivo toxin, to moisten the skin!

What should that this healthy water drink?

Plain boiled water: the best choice
Although the choice of the morning drink a lot, but drinking water is still the best option. It is the natural state of water through layers of purified boiling from the water are inorganic salts such as calcium and magnesium, while the micro-organisms in water have been killed. Also drinking water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, cells, both to add moisture, can lower blood viscosity, which will help urination. Usually drink boiled water for half an hour later, the body will be discharged before the night''s metabolites. And it does not affect the breakfast appetite back.

One more think should be noted, the morning should not be drinking ice water.

Brine - constipation for

The salt brine for the light, that is in the drinking water by adding an appropriate amount of salt, so as not to drink salty as the standard, we must guard against not salty, otherwise it will increase hypertonic dehydration, people feel dry mouth. Is well known that salt water has a bowel, laxative effect, so the morning light drinking salt water can ease the symptoms of constipation. In addition, other effects of dilute brine and boiled water is almost the same.

In need of special attention is, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, renal abnormalities in patients with short salt water must be strictly banned, as the first glass of water fasting. Because in the morning, the blood pressure when the first peak, salt water will make blood pressure higher.

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