Subject: [FIRSTNAME], The Right Keyword Density

Subject: [FIRSTNAME], The Right Keyword Density

Subject: [FIRSTNAME], The Right Keyword Density


Having enough keyword density on your web site is an extremely
important thing that can make or break how well your web site
does in search engines. Having too little or too many keywords
can severely hurt your site. So what exactly is the perfect
amount of keyword density? And what exactly IS keyword density?
Well, in this newsletter, we will go into good detail about the
basics of keyword density. After you have read this, you will be
able to effectively apply keywords to your web site.

So what is keyword density anyway?

Put simply, keyword density is the ratio of keywords or key
phrases to the total number of words on a particular page of
your site. A good rule of thumb is to have a keyword density of
1-3%. Some may be thinking, “how do you get the keyword density
percentage?” The mathematical formula is quite simple: you
divide the total number of keywords or keyword phrases in your
content by the total number of words.

So if you have 10 keywords in a document with 1000 total words,
that’s a keyword density of exactly 1%, which is the lowest
keyword density your page should have for search engine
purposes—anything less and chances are, your site won’t be
listed high in a search engine.

To achieve the ideal keyword density of 3%, you would have to

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