Juilia McKenzie

Juilia McKenzie


Intuitive Homoeopath

C.G.N., C.M., H.D., I.N.E.H., MAHA,


Registered Nursing Sister & Midwife (Australia)

“You are Unique and so is the way I treat you”

Juilia personally makes each individual prescription to suit the Physical, Emotional and Mental aspects of her patients.

Quote by fellow Homoeopath: -

“Homoeopathy is 50% Intuition and 50% Learned Skills”

Specialising in



Labour Pre – Post

Baby Development ( All Aspects)

Children’s Behavioural Issues


Adult Emotional Issues



Hormon Balancing


Menopause Conditions

Note Juilia prescribes for Animals


We have gathered a group of self empowered women who truly understand the meaning of working together and supporting each other for the benefit of our patients.


Born into a family of healers.

My Great, Great, Grandfather was an Intuitive Herbalist and Homoeopath.

My Mother was a psychic homoeopath, the medicine she needed to use would be surrounded by light in her dispensary,

My Father was an Osteopath who had healing in his hands as a child and was able to formalize his skill as an Osteopath later in life. His patients used to call him the ‘Man with the Magic Hands’

My life path has led me to study many forms of medicine, Western, Chinese, Spiritual, Energetic and Complimentary therapies, I am the third generation to practice Homoeopathy. The way I practice is to marry the knowledge gained into my practice of intuitive homoeopathy. Using a combination of homoeopathic remedies and flower and gem essences has and continues to be a very exciting way of triggering the body to heal itself. My small patients call them the ‘Magic Drops’.

A question I am often asked is ‘do I take my own drops?’ Yes I do.

The Vibrant Health Practice evolved to focus on “Woman” the cornerstone of the family unit.

We provide a warm vibrant, calm, nurturing atmosphere to allow healing to begin. The Universe has provided us with a strong group of empowered practitioners to make this a loving reality.

Version 2:

“My philosophy is that all forms of medicine are valid and applicable at various times to achieve the ultimate goal of wellness and balance though I do believe in trying the natural way first.”

Juilia McKenzie is both a Homoeopathic and Western medical professional. She is highly trained and experienced in both disciplines. Raised in a family of Homoeopathic and Osteopathic practitioners, she undertook Western medical training, becoming a senior Midwife and a Nursing Sister in Pediatrics, General and Casualty Wards, as well as premature baby care, before gaining her qualifications in Homoeopathy in Australia in 1989 at the Queensland institute of Natural Sciences.

Juilia has worked extensively in medicine in a number of countries and regularly teaches in South Africa, having been awarded her Certificate in Esoteric. Healing there in 1994. As well as a lifetime association with Homoeopathy, her extensive experience as a health consultant covers many forms of natural healing including Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage, Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy and Esoteric Healing.

With her qualifications as a Midwife, Juilia places a particular emphasis on natural treatments for women''s health, pregnancy care, baby and child development.

Juilia holds a number of professional memberships. These include the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, the Australian Register of Homoeopaths, the Australian Homoeopathic Association and the International network of Esoteric Healing, UK.