Best Triceps and Biceps Exercises

Best Triceps and Biceps Exercises

Best Tricep Exercises

The triceps are one of my favorite muscle groups to exercise. Like biceps they get a lot work from compound lifts like the bench press, overhead press and dips. One of the reason I like working triceps is because it happens to usually be the same time as chest. The bench press and dips are really fun exercises for me. Triceps make up a large portion of your arm so it would be foolish to neglect the triceps in favor of the biceps. It’s important to have a balanced overall workout routine but that is a different article! This article is going to cover some of the essentials when deciding on your triceps routine.  Having a proper diet is very important to any balanced fitness routine. If you are not eating towards your goals then you are going to be spinning your wheels after a while.


There are a few ways to perform dips. If you have limited equipment you can use the backs of two chairs to do these. The straighter your hold your torso the more that triceps will be isolated. I like performing my dips leaning forward to target the chest more so, but it will work the triceps plenty.  You can also use dip machines to simulate a dip, these machines isolate the triceps more so than regular dips. If you are struggling to perform regular dips, try using the assisted pull up machine. This machine will usually have bars to perform dips on. Work your way through the weights until you are able to do bodyweight for a few reps.

Tricep Extension Exercises

There are many ways to isolate the tricep. I personally am a fan of using a cable machine to perform tricep push downs. I think that this allows for you to use a good deal of weight and isolate the muscle.  Another great exercise the over the head tricep extensions, this is performed with a dumbbell held behind your head.  Tricep kickbacks are another great way to isolate the triceps, I don’t use them personally but they give a really good burn and I can feel it working only the tricep. Keep it simple when adding these to your routine, I like to add around 2 sets of my choice for around 8 to 12 reps. Keep it in  range you can handle and move up the weight when it gets too easy.

Pressing Movements

The triceps get a ton of work doing most types of pressing movements. After a few heavy sets of varius bench pressing I can feel the work in my triceps. Just like with biceps it’s important to account for the fact that you are working the triceps more than just the isolation exercises. I like to start my routine off with pressing movements then move onto the isolation exercises so I can dedicate my energy to my biggest lifts. There are also ways to directly train the triceps portion of the pressing movements. Lock out presses are performed with the bar starting from a few inches above the chest so that they triceps do the rest of the work on locking the bar out.

Building Bigger Biceps

Biceps are one of the most worked body parts in the gym. Every day I go to the gym I see tons of people standing doing endless sets of biceps in the mirror. The problem is that the biceps do not need THAT much attention. Working a muscle more and more does not lead to more and more growth. They need time to heal. Your biceps also get worked doing a lot of other exercises so doing 20 extra sets is not really needed. This article is going to cover some of the basics in adding in some extra bicep work to your workout program. One thing to remember is that you can expect to gain size in your arms if you are not gaining weight. It’s important to eat according to your goals; if you are trying to gain size then you probably need to eat more. Also know that you can’t expect to see instant results on bicep growth, they take a long time to develop. With consistency and hard work you can be on your way to getting the guns you’ve always wanted.

Barbell Curls

If someone is just going to do one bicep exercise I would suggest that it is the barbell curl. This exercise allows for a decent amount of weight to be used, and puts your hands in a very good potion to target the bicep. Keep it simple when adding this exercise to your routine, you don’t need to go crazy and do 10 sets of bicep curls. Just a few sets at a weight that you can get 8-10 reps would be good. Once you can get all the reps, add some weight and keep going. It’s all about making progress in the gym. If you have wrist problems, is possible to use an EZ bar which takes some pressure of your wrist.

Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbells are very popular for working the biceps. This is the one that you see people standing in front of the mirror mindlessly curling the dumbbells. This is the image that we get as bodybuilders! Anyways, it’s to focus on isolating the bicep. Dumbbells are perfect for this purpose and can be used in a variety of ways to target the bicep. One of my favorite bicep exercises is the hammer dumbbell curl. This is performed with the dumbbells at your sides and brought twisting it 90 degrees and contracting at the top. When you are at the top of any of your bicep lifts, make sure to squeeze the contraction to get the most out of the lift.

Back and Chest Work

The biceps get plenty of work from various back and chest work. Any type of rowing movement that you do will indirectly work the biceps. Also deadlifting puts some stress on the biceps because they have to hold the weight. With that in mind, it’s not needed to overdo the direct arm work. Just a few simple sets can make the difference in the growth of your arms.