Thoughts On Food And Vacation

Thoughts On Food And Vacation

Until recently, I have always used vacation as an excuse to have a free-for-all when it comes to food. Inevitably, eating out will happen, and I’m not good at eating out anyway. Being on vacation means that I’m out of my routine, I’m more than likely not working out, and hey, I’m on vacation, so I’m gonna eat what I want! I kind of declared that I was going to keep a photo journal of my Las Vegas eats last week, but alas, that was a fail! I could blame it on the wacky wi-fi, leaving my sd card in my laptop when I should have had it in my camera, laziness and forgetfulness, but I’ll just say that I didn’t do it.

Huh?! It’s funny how I’ve used the excuse of being out-of-town to eat more, eat badly, or eat something that is not normally in my diet. If I’m being honest with myself and with you guys, there is still a little part of me that STILL does this! I know that I had years and years of bad habits, so to expect those to just go away is unrealistic, but man, you think you have a few things figured out and BAM, out comes your inner chunk.

That being said, my trip to Las Vegas wasn’t too bad food wise, but it WAS a struggle. I still wanted ice cream, because I was on vacation. Before I left, I said I was going to photograph my food intake, which I did for the first few days. Then the third day I left my SD card in my computer and my phone died so no pictures. I’m more disappointed on not following through with this than with what I actually ate! So here’s a mini-recap.

You can see Wednesday’s eats here.

Thursday I ate:

a lettuce wrap I made myself with turkey, cheese, avocado and pickles for breakfast.

pistachios throughout the day.

almost a whole slice of white pizza and a side salad shared with Mikey around noonish.

a few mandarin oranges.

a banana.

Pad Thai and a bit of fried rice.

Friday I ate:

some leftover Pad Thai, an avocado, some lunchmeat (roast beef and pastrami) at 8 ish.
snacked on pistachios throughout the day.
a few atkins bars throughout the day.
a chicken fajita salad with chicken, peppers, onions, cheese, corn. you know the type.

Saturday I ate:

oatmeal and a banana (6 am) and a side of bacon.
two bloody mary’s (between 8 am and 10 am)
a half of a hamburger patty with mozzarella cheese and red peppers, a few bites of pancakes and a half of a side salad (around noon)
buffet around 7 pm. (I had steak, crab legs, and salad. pretty good for a buffet as far as I’m concerned.)
A Pina Colada.

Sunday I ate:

pancakes (shortstack with butter and syrup) at around 8 ish. and a side of bacon.
two donuts around noon.
iced coffee (black) around noon.
a bite of TJ’s honey greek yogurt (around 7)
a few slices of pastrami (around 7)
some pistachios (around 7)

Was it perfect? Absolutely not. Was it ideal? not really. I had more sugar that I’ve had in months. I used nuts, bananas, and oranges as a snack to get me through almost everyday there. The worst? No. The best? No way. I can say that the thought “hey, I’m on vacation!” crossed my mind at more than one point. I definitely don’t have it all figured out just yet, which is slightly disappointing.

Here’s the thing: the more I think about it, the more I feel like I refuse to be pissed at myself for my vacation food choices. No, I don’t normally let myself have pancakes, or donuts, but am I upset that I ate more nuts, bananas, and oranges than I normally do? Silly!

I came home and weighed two lbs heavier on my scale, which for me isn’t too shab. I definitely didn’t drink all the water I should have on vacation. I definitely ate more carbs than my body is used to. I did workout all except for the last two days I was there, and most importantly, I’ve been back on track since I got home. We got home around five pm, and by six I had gotten my first post-vacation workout in, which was a long walk. Yesterday was a good day in the books and today is as well. Maybe I do have a few things figured out after all.

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