Hello Rain

Hello Rain

It’s freezing! I can’t believe I wore an overcoat, scarf and gloves today - and was still cold. I cast a skeptical eye over the weather report yesterday, and couldn’t believe it would only be 14 degrees today (it only reached 13), so I rode to work without gloves, and was rewarded with icicle hands (and ears, but that wasn’t due to lack of gloves). Riding home later in the day, I got totally soaked. It hailed, rained, was crazily windy. It’s just like winter, only colder.

Class attendance is always affected by the weather, and only one brave soul turned up for lunchtime yoga. It was nice to teach such an intimate class, and I got to do lots of adjusting which is sometimes hard with bigger groups.

I spent some time this afternoon working on my business, which always makes me feel oddly grown up. So much of my day is just moving between writing programs, training people or teaching classes, and spending time with Miss M, it feels strange to plan ahead. But exciting too. Tomorrow I’m going to plan my week, mostly in a domestic sense. That’s right, I’m going to schedule in cleaning time, even if it kills me.

After exhausting the business part of my brain, I needed to chill out, so I watched an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of my all time favorite series (except for season seven, which I believe sucked). This one was from season six, where Buffy has a perverse relationship with Spike, the drop dead gorgeous vampire. Ah living vicariously … I don’t get much Buffy time these days, because it’s totally unsuitable for Miss M, so this was a fabulous treat. How tragic!

Fingers crossed I make it to and from work tomorrow without getting too rained on. I’ve got gloves and a beanie ready for action, so at least my extremities will stay warm, if not dry. I’m also going to eat a delicious breakfast of rye toast with avocado and tomato, which should fuel my internal fire. At least ’til I can get to the coffee machine.