Details about HEALTHY “Automated Fund Raising”

Details about HEALTHY “Automated Fund Raising”


School and organization fundraisers! Gone are the days of taking orders, consolidating on purchase forms, huge shipments, sorting, stacking and bagging, paperwork, distributing products and collecting payments for your school fundraiser. Tap into the power of the internet. Offer healthy products for your family, friends, and community!

Take 30 seconds read to the yellow box just below. You will be excited when you understand the potential power.

You can run your fund raiser hands-free. When a customer orders all the work is done for you. This includes credit card transactions, delivery of the products via UPS ''trackable'' ground shipping, customer support, and even tracking your sales.

Your very own website has a store, called a shopping cart, where any purchase is automatically credited to you. And your organization representative has 24 / 7 access to those details in your back office.

All it takes is your buyers ordering from that website. So who are your buyers, and how do they find out? Your buyers are your circle of influence, anywhere in the continental USA. And they find out because your students email them using our sample emails. Maybe even extended family will email since grandparents LOVE these products and will refer their friends!

Did you catch that??? Simply email your family and friends and you are on your way to a successful fundraiser.

Understand that we are offering this complete system to your organization at no cost. catches.

Now that you have the vision, read on for more...

Next, look at an operating school website. You website and system would be nearly identical, just the names changed.

Explore the details. This is the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How To Get Started.

The Philosophy...

We at Baumeister LLC (click for information about Baumeister LLC) will provide a healthy fundraiser project for schools that capitalizes on the power of the internet. It will be ultra-price competitive for the consumer, simple for the students and parents, and hands-free for the organization.

The Program...

Offer friends, family, co-workers healthy products they can order online at your school website. Key benefits of the program include:

  • Personalized school website provided with safe & secure shopping cart capabilities
  • Your organization stimulates the student body & parents with take-home fliers, email, etc. (publicity as in any fundraising campaign)
  • Email information to family contacts. Students simply use sample emails and their own creativity
  • Many customers will opt for automatic recurring orders
  • Special offers build your customer base
  • Military discounts in recognition of their service
  • Product orders processed & shipped using best business practices
    • all major credit cards are accepted. This provides consumer protection
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • orders processed & shipped with 48 hours
    • trackable UPS shipping at cost
    • full customer service
  • School receives back-end office where sales are tracked 24/7 in realtime
  • 20% commissions paid monthly (mid-month when balance > $1,000)
  • No specified time frame for your campaign, it can be multi-year
  • Full system provided at no charge to the school organization
  • This program is turnkey and perpetual** (see **note on bottom of page)

The Products...

The Liquid Essentials products are perhaps most powerful yet affordable liquid nutritional supplements on the market today! Liquid vitamins provide an easier solution for the digestive system. Because liquids do not require "mechanical" digestion, an estimated 90% can be absorbed directly by the body better than those in pill or capsule form.

The Liquid Essential products taste wonderful, everyone loves them. The unique Liquid Essentials 36 ounce bottle has a built in measuring dispenser that pre-measures your daily ounce – extremely convenient.

Extensive product details are available on your personalized sales website. You can click on any product below to view that information on a working website.

Liquid Essentials Multi-Vitamin Supplement. The tangy berry/tropical fruit flavor only takes one ounce per day for healthier kids and adults! (Children 3+ years to 100 pounds, only half an ounce). Add to your favorite juice and make it a super drink.

Liquid Essentials Energy & Stress Supplement. This healthy B-complex supplement provides energy and stamina that is off the charts with B complex vitamins in a delightful tangerine - orange taste treat. Sure beats sugary ''energy drinks''!

Liquid Essentials Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM. Great for the joints. With a high absorption rate and pain relief with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM in a wonderful lemon – lime flavor.

The website creation, hosting, domain name, and sales expenses (credit card fees, shipping, etc) are zero cost to the school organization.

Products are competitively priced and with only actual shipping costs passed on. And to encourage re-orders, a very flexible autoship program offers discounts of $2 per bottle. Autoship customers come back every 30, 60, or 90 days extending your fundraiser year round!

All pricing details are fully disclosed on the purchase page. We offer multi-bottle discounts. And for the recurring autoship orders, we offer an additional $2 per bottle cost savings.

One Time Order

$24.95 - 1 Bottle

$23.95 - 2 Bottles

$22.95 - 3+ Bottles


$22.95 - 1 Bottle

$21.95 - 2 Bottles

$20.95 - 3+ Bottles

The Profit...

Your school will receive a commission of 20% on all the products sold. This is on the actual price your customer paid. Shipping is not commissionable - we are only charging actual costs! Using the above price chart the commissions are

One Time Order

$24.95 x 1 = $24.95 = $4.99

$23.95 x 2 = $47.90 = $9.58

$22.95 x 3 = $68.85 = $13.77


$22.95 x 1 = $22.95 = $4.59

$21.95 x 2 = $43.90 = $8.78*

$20.95 x 3 = $62.85 = $12.57

Your orders will be a blend of quantities obviously. But nationally, our most common order is hands-down the 2 bottle autoship* package. The beauty of that order, each customer purchases again and again…

We cannot make money projections. However it is very reasonable to assume even a moderate size school will generate from 100 - 500 orders of varying size. Many will return as autoship customers.

Bottom line, the products are awesome and we make customer cost and service the best possible. This encourages reorders and continuing business.

Our program is designed to support you, the school, with satisfied, long-term customers...and therefore longevity in your fundraising program!

The Process...

It is easy to get started. Follow these 4 simple steps.

Fully check out our program and get your questions answered.

Explore this website,, to find all the program details you need.

Important. Be sure to visit the sample website. Yours will be nearly identical. This functioning school website will show you the product details, sample emails your students will use, the actual sales pages and process, the page explaining autoship strategies, everything your customers will see.

You can even order the products to try the system anonymously.

Complete a simple application

Contact our automatic system to receive the application details. Just visit our Contact Us page.

From there send a blank email to receive complete program details and links to downloadable forms. You will receive only 1 email, and no SPAM

Feel free to call us personally and speak with our dedicated team about your specifics.

We will send you an application with basic information and authorization to create your website. This includes a point of contact to make a couple of decisions, provide a photo of your school, and receive access to your statistics.

Test your unique school sales website

Your website will be delivered and functioning usually within a week.

Test your website, and even order your very own Liquid Essentials.

Start your fund raising using sample emails.

That is it. It''s that simple.

Any questions you can always reach us via the contact pages on:

We are a family-run business serving others since 1996. We look forward to assisting your school organization help your kids, and your health!

PS: Remember to examine the products on a live, active website. Consider how this would simplify fundraising for your organization. Absolutely contact us with any questions, we will be glad to help.

**Turnkey and perpetual. There is no specified time frame for your fundraising campaign. We will build and host it for a year at no charge to your organization. Our goal is your success for the long term, and anticipate you will want to continue this program. As long as your program remains active, we will support your website with domain name and hosting support at no charge.