A balanced Diet for Healthy Living

A balanced Diet for Healthy Living

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To grow big and strong you need to eat right, but what exactly does that mean? Well there are some fundamentals that can give you a basic idea as to what you should be getting down your throat to provide the best fuel for your engine.

In order for your body to run smoothly you will need the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fibre and salt. Let''s have a look at what these food stuffs provide your body with.


Your most important energy source, carbohydrates, contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Most of our carbohydrates come from starches, such as potatoes, rice, pasta, bread and cereal. The body works the starch over and produces glucose, which is transported in our blood and provides the body with energy.

The glucose in your food is absorbed without your system having to digest it first, that is why we can get sudden energy boosts from some foods. Some carbohydrates fuel your body with sucrose, which is the sugar we use for cereal or coffee. Sucrose needs to be digested to get into the blood, so the energy comes at a delay. The sucrose must be converted to glucose.


Your body needs protein to grow and to repair itself. Proteins consist of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur. Since Protein molecules are rather large they need to be digested before their elements can be taken into the bloodstream. The digestive system turns the protein into amino acids for this purpose. Protein can be used as a source of energy for the body.


Fats are similar to carbohydrates in that they also contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Fats are used by the body as a source of energy, and as an insulating layer beneath the skin. Carbohydrates and proteins can be converted into fats by the body, so simply eliminating fat from your diet will not necessarily mean that you will lose