nutrition during chemo?

nutrition during chemo?

Hey ive already done 2 cycles of chemo and i really think the main point of me getting cancer (hogkdin’s lymphoma) was from bad diet. I’m a normal teenager and yeah my diet consists of soda, fast food, sugar, chips, popcorn. i rarely exercise, however, im skinny. Anyway what should i eat and drink while on chemo? anything specific? talk about a life changing experience…. I CANT WAIT to be healthy again, i really hope and will not be surprised if i turn into some health freak after this all over.

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If you can afford, find a wellness center or a holistic nutrutionist. I know one in Ohio. who spoke on the subjuct, Chemo poisons good and bad cells so you have to rebuild the body back. You can find them at wellness centers, maybe healh food stores have contacts, but Yahoo Local will let you search for them in your local area. Also a massage therapist can keep you relaxed and work your circulation.

let me know how you; progress

Please don’t beat yourself up; there are no foods proven to cause cancer, and cancer affects the healthy and the unhealthy alike. My healthy, largely organic vegan diet didn’t protect me from cancer.

Try to eat as healthy a diet as you can during chemo, but don’t worry about following a specific diet. For much of the time, whatever you feel like, can manage and think will make you feel better is fine. You can sort your diet out after chemo is over – you sound determined to make changes for the better, which is wonderful.

Best wishes for the rest of your treatment , and beyond

I am also going through chemo and I eat what I want. Drink plenty of liquids to wash the chemicals back out of your body. I also take vitamins but anything you take you should ask your oncoligist first. He told me to eat whatever I felt like eating as long as I eat something and keep my strength up. . Even though you are skinny it would still be good to get some exercise. I don’t get as much as I should but I don’t always feel like it. Also try to get plenty of rest.

There are lots of cancer fighting foods, what you eat either FIGHTS or FUELS cancer!

Drink lots of bottled water, 100% grape juice. (red grapes are best. . skins and pips, eat them as a snack) raw greens and carrotts too. beetroot is also good,

sugar is the worst for you, try to cut it out of your diet as much as possible. natural sugar is okay. but not the sodas, and fast-foods are a killer!

try toi eat raw fruit and veggies as much as possible.

I’m trying my best to fight cancer and not feed it.

good luck, I know teenagers struggle with this, but be strong and fight for your life.

My mom has the same cancer as you. What stage is yours?

It’s no fair, I know how hard it is to worry.

And while on chemo, you should talk to your doctor about Vitamin C, because Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a non tumerous cancer that attacks the immune system. I’m a teenager too. . and I eat bad. I REALLY don’t need anything more. . so I’m being tested for HL. But there is NO cause of HL, but it can sometimes be hereditary. Turn into a health freak. . TRUST ME.

You’ll be fine. Hodgkin’s is 90-95% curable in stages 1 and 2. In 3 and 4 it’s still 75-90% which is really good for cancer.

Keep your head up, and that’s from a fellow teenager.

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