Why Choose Organic Food?

Why Choose Organic Food?
  • It is wholefood. Food that the body recognises and utilizes efficiently
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Synthetic chemicals and pesticides are not used on any certified organic farm.

Is Organic food more nutritious than conventionally grown produce?



In a study (1) of 343 peer-reviewed research papers looking at the nutritional status of organically grown fruit and vegetables, eating organic food increased the antioxidant consumption by 20-40 %.


Conventional produce was shown to have 3-4 times the amount of pesticide residue compared to organic crops. In terms of toxic load, it is better to avoid the chemicals we know about by deciding not to consume them than for our bodies to detoxify them.

The Organics Industry is not well regulated. To know that you are buying 100% organic produce you either need to grow it yourself or buy certified produce. In Australia look for the logo NASAA (National Association for sustainable agriculture Australia) and the logo Australian Certified Organic. If the produce states it is organic and one of the logo’s above is not present then you have no guarantee. Beware, there are always a few unscrupulous sellers who may label conventional produce as organically grown. Get to know your local producers and organic grocers . Find a few you trust and learn from them.

A quick word on labelling (2)

“Product of … ” and “Grown in…”

Each significant ingredient of the product originally came from the country claimed

Almost all of the processes involved in the production occurred in that country.

“Made in…”

A minimum of50% of the cost to produce the product occurred in the country claimed.

The ingredients may not necessarily be from the country claimed,

100% Australian owned….

Refers to ownership of the company. It does not tell you where the product was made or where the ingredients came from.

Organic food is more expensive than conventional produce. However it IS possible to economically feed a family .

IF possible, grow your own vegetables

Shop at a farmer’s market

Buy in bulk from a co-op

Organic grocer. Buying from an organic grocer is not always more expensive than from a market.

Buying from a multi-national foodstore. It is a step forward that these giants now stock some organic produce. However,from my experience to date, the vegetable and fruit are not as fresh compared with the produce on offer at the previous stores and markets.

You will need to do some leg-work and visit these places to determine where you can obtain the best and freshest bargains.

A word on “biodynamic” food - biodynamic food is based on an agricultural system which concentrates on holistic farming methods. It is closely associated with organic farming.

Next week – Adapting your family’s diet to include wholefoods!!!

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