Vitamins And Minerals Help Prevent Stretch Marks Health News For Families

Vitamins And Minerals Help Prevent Stretch Marks  Health News For Families

Vitamins And Minerals Help Prevent Stretch Marks

As this is article is concerned with prevention of stretch marks, I will talk a little about the main vitamins and minerals which your skin needs. Vitamin C is needed to assist the body in repairing itself, for the production of collagen and is important to help heal scar tissue and wounds. Vitamin E is useful both inside and outside of the body. When taken as a supplement it is a powerful antioxidant for protecting and healing the skin. When a capsule is broken and the oil massage over the stomach area during pregnancy it is useful to prevent stretch marks. The best supplement to take in order to prevent stretch marks is zinc. This is because zinc assists in the production of collagen. Taking a light exercise during pregnancy improves circulation and benefits the skin.

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