Teen Emotional Mental Health

Teen Emotional Mental Health

The teenage years can be difficult for any youngster, the body is going through hormonal changes in the change from childhood to adulthood, the youngster is seeking his/her own identity and independence away from parental discipline. This is just a natural part of growing up.

But very often a teenager can feel overwhelmed emotionally by many outside pressures which can cause great disturbances in his/her mind, and attention should be paid by parents to not only the physical health of their offspring, but the emotional health as well.

Teenage Emotional Feelings.

n The teenager will be wanting to escape from direct parental control, and whilst continuing to respect the parent, wants to be allowed to ‘do their own thing’.

n He/She will be having mixed up emotions due to peer pressure at school, being constantly cajoled into participating in the latest fad, or teenage craze, while he/she is also conscious of the fact that this will cause the neglect of studies, and subsequent parental displeasure.

n The youngsters will want to be allowed to experiment with their own new values like expressing their own, sometimes radical thoughts, or using facial jewelry, crazy hairstyles. and clothing.

All of this may seem to the parents as not normal and even destructive behaviour, but must realize that it is only the teen asserting and reaching out for his/her own individual identity. However the emotional health of the youngster has to be considered and parents should watch out for signs of any abnormal emotional behaviour which may include—

Abnormal Teen Emotional Behaviour to be Watched For.

n Total lack of personal motivation, a feeling of always being ‘too tired’.

n Expressions of melancholy or extreme sadness.

n Showing no respect for people or things which were usually previously cared for.

n Becoming introvert and having low personal esteem.

n Talk of death or suicide.

n Showing an interest or indulging in the use of alcohol or drugs.

If any of these signs are observed, then the teen is suffering from personal emotional problems, and is having trouble in dealing with both them and him or her self.

For any caring parent, and a teen emotional problem is suspected, then it is far better to be open with the teen. Say that you are concerned about the teen’s emotional and mental condition and attitude, and invite them to talk openly about their apparent troubles, do not just ignore the problem and hope it will go away.

On most occasions it is easier to talk openly before ‘a molehill becomes a mountain’ and very often the problem can be worked out mutually to the benefit of both the parent and the teen

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