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What do you serve for a tv sports party at home?

I know the most popular is a super bowl or football party. But we are having a hockey party, is there any particular food that is associated with that? Non-messy finger foods would be my choice, but most people want chicken wings or nachos…………

Best place, other than a sports book or “party,” to watch the Super Bowl?

I’ll be in Las Vegas this weekend and would like to watch the Super Bowl at a bar/restaurant, but it seems like most such places are hosting “parties” requiring you to pay $100-$200+ to get in the door. Where is a good bar/restaurant/brewpub where I can catch the game, have some drinks and food, and not have to shell out a couple hundred dollars up front?

Can I name a company “Apple Sports” if a company named “Apple Nutrition” exists?

I want to name a company Silver Sports to manufacture and sell dietary supplements. However, a dietary supplement store is trademarked as Silver Nutrition. Names are hypothetical but basically, Silver is a common word. I am wondering if there could be problems with that area. Thanks!

Where can I find sports nutrition supplements for very cheap prices?

Help..I am giving a sports nutrition talk for a big group of college athletes?what would be proper attire?

This maybe filmed and will be in an auditorium. Its for a sports nutrition class

Where can I buy name brand sports nutrition supplements in bulk?

I have recently started a company that sells name brand sports nutrition supplements. Furthermore, I would like to find another supplier that sells brands like BSN, Cytosport, Muscletech, and Optimum Nutrition. I am simply looking to buy in bulk at wholesale prices.

what should be included in a survey about sports nutrition?

i need to crreate a survey for the athletic coaches on my college campus to see what they think would be the most helpful in regards to sports nutrition/counseling. things like supplements, meal patterns, etc. Any suggestions?

all sports nutrition supplements are 50%off at which is the best brand to spend my $$$ on?

which is better muscletech, bsn, vpx, optimum nutrition???

Does anyone know any good sports nutrition/ diet planner websites?

I am looking to make a training plan and would like to know of any websites or leaflet/ booklets etc where I can get help.

I am looking for something that will give me advice on foods to eat and how to build myself up and maintain a healthy diet.

Also looking to be able to make exercise program and record what I do and eat. Maybe a site that can give me data, feedback etc too.

In short I am looking for a website to help with food nutrition and training planning.

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