Can Alternative Medicine Help Arthrititis?

Can Alternative Medicine Help Arthrititis?
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One of the most common uses for alternative medicine is in the management of chronic illness such as arthritis. Many people are finding alternative medicine for has helped slow the progress of their arthritis and helps relieve their symptoms.

It took a good bit of research to put together this article on Alternative Medicine and arthritis. I hope it helps you as you''re learning more about Alternative Healthcare and that it gives you information you can use.

Most official bodies of medicine that deal with chronic disease have adopted the attitude that providing information on alternative therapies is the best policy.

You''ll find information on the National Institutes of Health web site about the use of alternative medicine for arthritis.

The site discusses ongoing clinical trials and how different types of alternative medicine can affect symptoms of arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative disease that affects the connective tissues. Its symptoms include debilitating pain, decreasing mobility and reduced flexibility.

Alternative therapies are aimed at improving strength, increasing flexibility, preserving balance and slowing deterioration of tissue, as well as the control of pain.

+ Nutrition Based

One of the most promising treatments for osteoarthritis is supplementation with glucosamine and chondroitin.

Glucosamine has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation better than most pharmaceutical drugs. Its effects last longer than ibuprofen. Plus, it helps improve range of motion and reduces pain better and for longer than piroxicam.

Chondroitin alleviates pain better than pain medications, without side effects.

Some reports claim that pain reduction continues as much as three months after supplements are stopped. It also decreases the amount of fluid in the joint, reduces swelling and improves walking gait.

Those are only two of the supplements that have shown promise in treating the pain associated with arthritis. Others include SAMe, vitamin D, C, A and and vitamin E. omega-3 fatty acids, manganese and bromelain.

MSM has also been shown to help reduce inflammation in several studies and for many people helps provide relief from arthritis.

+ Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines are the alternative therapy most often used by people with arthritis. Among the herbals that have shown promise in treating arthritis are capsaicin, avocado and soybean extracts, cat''s caw, ginger and kava kava.

+ Acupuncture

Acupuncture has shown a great deal of effectiveness in controlling pain associated with arthritis. In studies, people who receive acupuncture demonstrate significant improvement in pain and walking ability, even up stairs, in comparison to those who receive only conventional therapy.

+ Chiropractic

While chiropractic doesn''t reverse the damage associated with arthritis, it can significantly reduce pain and increase range of motion.

+ Massage Therapies

Direct massage, either alone or with ice, heat or an ointment of some sort can be effective in reducing pain and swelling of the joints.

+ Holistic Treatments

Alternative systems like Ayurveda offer both physical therapies that can help preserve flexibility, and disciplines that help reduce pain and tension. In addition, many include herbal treatments that may reduce pain and swelling. Tai chi, a component of traditional Chinese medicine, has been shown to be effective in improving the symptoms of osteoarthritis as well.

Now that we''ve come to the end of this article on Alternative Medicine and Arthritis, how much do you think it helped you? I hope it gave you some new information about Alternative Medicine and Arthritis that you''ll be able to put to good use.