Why Tennis Players Grunt When They Play

Why Tennis Players Grunt When They Play

When you watch a tennis game, do you ever wonder why they shout or grunt when they hit the ball with their tennis rackets? I cover my ears sometimes because it can be a bit annoying to listen while concentrating on the ball. That screaming, the tennis players do, really can be annoying sometimes and I hate the fact that it can help with the gameplay.

Okay, back up. Can grunting help a tennis player play better in tennis? N


ow how would you do that?

The professionals in psychology say that it really helps in increasing some of their stats when they play tennis. The study they made also said that the increase of grunting in tennis players have increased over the last 5-10 years. They even predict that the grunting will not go down any time soon. Oh boy, more grunting then I guess.

It also causes a continuous effect if the professional players use it in their plays. Since the professionals are doing it, the younger players will also join up and follow their idols. And with that, the cycle continues on and on with more tennis players grunting.

So why do the tennis players grunt really? Experts will tell you grunting can give the athletes important physical and psychological edges to their gameplay. Well, that sounds promising for me. At least now they will explain why these professional tennis players need to grunt every time they hit the ball.

A study says that when some college tennis players were told to grunt when they hit serves and forehand shots, they did it 5 miles per hour faster than when they played quietly. Wow, that grunting really gives the edge to these tennis players physically. The study also says that it did not matter if they were male or female, whether they have grunted before while playing tennis, or whether they even liked grunting in the first place.

The experts do not really have a clear explanation to this phenomenon, but they think it is all about the exhalation process. When a tennis player makes noise when they are exhaling, their strength seems to increase. It should be the same to the weight lifters when they lift a heavy barbell. These strong people are able to lift the barbell because before they prepare to raise the heavy item, they gather strength within and let go of that when they lift the barbell. This also applies to tennis players. When they hit the ball, they gather strength from their arms and when they propel the tennis ball with their rackets, they give it their all along with a grunt to exclaim their success and also to buff up the hit.

The reason of grunting is really not clear today but this type of habit has been evident in other sports as well. Try to watch a martial arts tournament and you will hear a lot of grunting there.

Well at least the grunting is now explained in some way.