Which Skin Care Products Can Eliminate Spider Veins?

Which Skin Care Products Can Eliminate Spider Veins?

Are you plagued with tiny veins on your face, legs and other parts of your body? These little veins, spider veins - although generally harmless in themselves, can mar otherwise lovely skin. There are medical treatments available, but natural remedies that eliminate the causes of spider veins are better for your overall health and are important basics in any natural skin care routine.

’Spider veins’ used to refer to little veins that radiated from a central point, but the term is now used to describe any small, extra vein. While there are different theories regarding the cause of spider veins, they are definitely related to improper circulation. When the arteries and veins don’t channel the flow of blood adequately, the body attempts to form new blood channels to get the blood to the cells.

These new blood channels can take the form of spider veins.

How can you treat spider veins? Although there are quick fixes, they are generally painful and expensive. And since they only handle the cosmetic end of things, not the source of the problem, the veins can come back.

A more sensible approach is a program that improves the circulatory system: A healthy diet high in fiber and exercise can go a long way and if you stand or sit for long periods, it’s important to change positions frequently.

There are also several nutrients that strengthen the circulatory system: B-complex, C with bioflavinoids, calcium, calcium fluoride (a tissue salt), lecithin and vitamin E improve circulation, strengthen the walls of the veins, and promote elasticity; calcium and magnesium stimulate the venous system and relax the arteries and muscles; and Vitamin K improves overall vascular health. Vitamin K is also available in a topical skin care solutions that can be very effective for eliminating spider veins.

Another important factor is hydration. In fact, many doctors recommend increasing both the fiber and water intake for many circulatory problems.

Increasing water intake should also be balanced with preventing moisture loss. Cutting out dehydrating foods such as coffee and alcohol will help but as the majority of water is lost through the skin, it’s also a good idea to use skin care products that prevent moisture loss, for which thousands of doctors now recommend a shielding lotion.

A good shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a protective layer that locks in natural moisture while still allowing the skin to breathe.

While some people may prefer a quick fix for spider veins, these little veins are an indication of an overall circulatory problem for which those quick fixes will do nothing. Following a good diet, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and preventing water loss with a good skin care product such as a shielding lotion are equally important. Following this routine, you may improve your spider veins, and your overall health.

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