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Everybody knows that DHA during pregnancy is a great way to support fetal development.  However, few people realize the numerous areas of health where DHA, EPA and other essential fatty acids play a role.  DHA has become popular in the past ten years as the body of research around the omega-3 fatty acid grew.  Originally, EPA and DHA were studies in Eskimos for its role in heart healthy.  Scientists found it fascinating that even though these native people literally lived on a diet of fat, they had very few cardiovascular challenges.  The research in this area led to the determination that the consumption of fish, and more specifically the essential fatty acids in the fish helped support cardiovascular health.  More recently, the science around EPA and DHA has indicated that the body uses these nutrients to support multiple areas of health.  These essential fatty acids are literally incorporated into the walls of your cells and play a central role in health.

In addition to the many health benefits of DHA, taking the omega 3 during pregnancy, helps support healthy brain development for the baby.  In fact, it supports healthy brain development and cognition throughout life. The science around DHA is making it more and more popular, and you often see this essential fatty acid in numerous baby formulas, as well as in foundational foods such as fortified milk.

On the other end of the spectrum of life, new science is emerging showing that DHA is great to support healthy brain function in adults, and may help the with the memory challenges of aging.  Regardless of your stage in life, whether you are taking it when pregnant, or on a daily basis throughout your life, a good source of daily DHA for either fish or supplementation may do wonders for daily health.

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