Never Fear Cancer Again

Never Fear Cancer Again

Written by: Raymond Francis M.Sc., Harvey Diamond
Reviewed by: D&D

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The Review:

Francis has written a superb distillation of what is truly needed for health. He begins by describing how there is only one disease: all condition originates inside our cells. Condition may demonstrate up in various ways in our bodies, but they are all due to cellular malfunction.

The one therapy is restoring the cells to normal function, which eliminates condition. Then he goes on to demonstrate how there are only two causes of cellular malfunction: deficiency and toxicity. Any one toxin can manifest in many conditions and a chronic deficiency of just one nutrient can produce a alike list of conditions. Cool simplicity - and he shows how your physician may diagnose several conditions although the root of all of them is cellular malfunction.

You end up with several medications, none of which will cure you - on the contrary, the combination will be so toxic that you are virtually guaranteed to develop entirely new conditions. So as not to alarm you that you are much weaker than when you began, physicians don''t call these new issues conditions, they obscure this reality by calling them side effects. So, only one condition and two causes of conditions - toxicity and deficiency - and the rest of the book addresses the six pathways to health or condition. What an elegant and brilliant central philosophy (something you never hear about because conventional medicine is totally lacking such a concept).

Yes, I''m gushing (unusual for me) but this should be on the top 10 of any list of books on health, along with:- Outsmart Your Carcinoma by Tanya Harter Pierce is a considered and thoughtful review of successful alternative remedies - and, anything that can Heal carcinoma is also a basic healer and should be able to help much else in the body-, Trick and Treat, which turns upside down everything governments have told us to eat for health-, Transdermal Magnesium Treatment by Sircus on the great benefits of magnesium - a fundamental supplement for a healthy organism - particularly magnesium chloride flakes (transdermally), available comparatively cheaply, and- The Xxl Disease, generally a booklet, about the essential part potassium plays in health (food grade potassium bicarbonate powder is also available cheaply.

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