Food Pyramid: The Original Diet Plan

Food Pyramid: The Original Diet Plan

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November is the month of Nutritional Wellness. And we all know that in order to take care of the Total Woman you must not only be well, spiritually, physically, and emotional but you need to feed your body the right nutrients. Too many times we as women go on these fad diets to fit into a dress by a certain date. But then after we achieve that goal (if we even achieve at all) we find ourselves back to that initial weight or maybe even more. The reason for this is because we must look at “dieting” as an over all lifestyle change. And in order to do this you must be aware of the basic nutrition needed for your body. Below you will discover some information regarding your basic nutrition needs to get you started

Basic nutrition is made up of different food groups. There are 5 categories, grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy. They provide us with 5 essential nutrients. It is very important to your health to eat a good balance of these foods. Sometimes this balance is called the food pyramid. This pyramid gives us a rough idea of how many servings of each food we should be eating per day.

Essential nutrients:

Protein: This is used to build healthy muscle and also to repair muscle. We get this from; fish, milk eggs, cheese, yogurt, meats, pulses and nuts. These are the basic meats (pulses and nuts can be substituted for meats} and dairy foods. You can also get protein from Soy (soy bean).

Carbohydrates: are found in all cereals, like bread and rice. They are also found in some starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn.

Fats and oils: can be found in dairy products like butter milk and cream. They are also present in meats and of course fried foods and those foods that have oil and fat (like butter) added to them. This group is a little tricky as there are good fats and bad fats present in foods that we should be aware of. It is important to cut out trans fats if possible and be careful not to eat too much cholesterol and saturated fat. Omega 3 and 6 are found in fish oils and are good for you in moderate amounts.

Vitamins and minerals: These are found in many foods but mostly in fruits and vegetables. They can also be found in the water you drink. They are very important as they help every part of the body to function correctly.

Fiber: is found in whole grains and pulses, fruits and vegetables. Although much of fiber is not digestible it forms bulk in our foods and makes our digestive system work better. It also gives us a full feeling and means that we eat less and do not get hungry as often.

From time to time we all struggle with getting the right nutrients for our body. Due to time, or lack of. What are you day to day struggles when it comes to your nutritional health? Share with me below, or visit us on facebook.

Try to eat a good balance of these foods, so that you can get all the nutrition your body needs and maintain your health.