Bid Adieu to Dry Eyes Absolute health

Bid Adieu to Dry Eyes    Absolute health

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Are you enduring from frequent burning, stinging, scratchy and itchy eyes? Do you also feel constant irritation in your eyes? These are some common problems that every individual faces at some point in his/her life. These are symptoms of dry eyes. Some other signs also include excessive tearing, discomfort from contact lens and light sensitivity. The causes of dry eyes vary from each other. Some common causative factors are environmental hazards such as dry air, wind, pollen, dust and getting old. Here are a few ways to deal with dry eyes:

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You may consider using some non-prescription drops for eyes as a remedy to deal with dry eyes. Further, eye problems resulting from environmental factors or due to the work environment (such as people working on computer for long hours) are curable with the help of artificial tears. The primary purpose of using artificial tears is for keeping the eyes moist. Eye drops help to restore the lost moisture in your eyes.

Human body requires adequate water for proper functioning. In the current fast-paced world, we require constant energy booster and thus, in this attempt many people resort to caffeine intake. Further, caffeinated drinks and coffee might trigger dehydration and thus, you might feel thirsty after gulping down caffeinated drinks in excess. In fact, curbing the intake of caffeinated drinks and drinking adequate water around eight glasses daily will help your body stay hydrated. Water is not the only vital thing to have healthy eyes, as nutrition plays a pivotal role too.

It may a bit difficult to consume healthy, as you might want to consume food items, which are not apt for health. However, frozen dinners and fast food items are too irresistible at times. Furthermore, dietary supplements can help compensate your poor eating habits. Our eyes benefit greatly from omega-3, so try to intake foods rich in omega-3 as much as you can. In fact, dealing with dry eyes is not about what you intake, as a wet, warm and soft towel too can work great.

You might be suffering from some complications in your glands situated in the eyelids. Meibomian glands produce oily substance, which prevents the tears from evaporating. Sometimes, oil hardens and thus clogs the glands. Without this oil, the naturally produced tears quickly evaporate causing dry and irritating eyes. A simple warm press on the eyes helps to loosen the oil clogged in your glands.

While you are working or rejoicing your time outdoors, artificial tears help greatly to cure dry eyes. For more benefits, follow a good diet and stay hydrated for ensuring optimum eye health. However, you can treat most of the dry eye problems with these tips, but it is always advisable to contact an eye specialist if the problems turn worst.

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