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This has come up as my daughter had severe lactose intolerance (she was projectile vomiting along with diarrhea) when she was only 4 years old. It was so severe that we took her to the Calgary Children’s Hospital where she stayed for two weeks with all the Gastrointestinal Specialists stumped.

Has she outgrown her Lactose Intolerance?

Does she have a Milk Allergy or a Milk Protein Intolerance?

My father had an allergy to milk and lactose intolerance since he was a kid. He would wake early in the morning to milk the cow and take in some fresh milk, then minutes later he would vomit the milk out around the backside of the barn. Remember this is fresh, raw, unpasteurized milk not the pasteurized (dead), puss filled, blood filled, antibiotic, growth hormone soup they sell today!

When I was a teen I discovered I was intolerant to milk and so stopped drinking regular milk but continued to eat other forms of dairy and would also eat lactose reduced milk. Since I was a kid I suffered with many different types of allergies: dust, mold, pollen. I was sick and mucus filled all the time. I even had asthma due to the mucus build up. I was sick with pneumonia for two weeks when I was only 5 years old and given antibiotics by injection.

Later into my 20′s I began having severe issues with my sinuses, several sinus infections and continuous applications of antibiotics. I was also suffering from adrenal fatigue which I did not know about at the time but I did suspect I had candida. I soon discovered cleansing and homeopathy and began the alternative healing route. In 2001, I changed my diet to a plant based diet although not a real good one and started to see improvements in my health. During the pregnancy of my daughter in 2004, I began to eat meat and cheese again but not milk. And again I began to suffer from monthly colds, flus, post nasal drip etc. It wasn’t until I made the change back to a plant based diet, but this time Vegan Raw Foods in 2007, did I healed my chronic sinus infections and allergies. To this day I am healthier than I ever have been. I have veered off the Vegan Raw Food Diet but I still do not eat Gluten, Dairy or Meat and I eat a lot more Greens.

The point of the history is, I believe my daughter is also intolerant to the milk proteins and as I understand this can be hereditary, as my father and myself have it. As I have found for myself, an intolerance to milk protein causes a slow deterioration of the liver, as the liver can not break down the protein the immune system sees protein as a foreign invader and attacks it. The bodies response is to protect itself with mucus. Excessive mucus is where the harmful bacteria and fungus hang out which further burdens the immune system. My daughter has been suffering from nasal congestion for a couple years now and does eat goat cheese and other products with hidden milk proteins but lactose free.

I have also read in articles in the past that people with milk allergy and milk protein intolerance general have lactose intolerance (missing milk sugar (lactase) enzyme). The website indicates that most people stop producing the lactase enzyme in their teens to mid thirties and that genetics has a huge part to play.

One forum indicates the phenomenon of continual lactase production, against what is naturally seen in most humans, is called lactase persistence. Where the lactase enzyme mutated in Europeans some 7,000 to 12,000 years ago when Europeans started cattle farming. This correlates with the Lactose Intolerant website information, indicating that only 15% of Europeans today are intolerant. As for the rest of the world, 60% or more are lactose intolerant.

Here in North America, we are generally a mix of several different ethic groups, resulting in a greater chance of diluting the European lactase persistence gene. More people are discovering improved health through their own trial and error of quitting all dairy, regardless of what the Food Pyramid says.

Why are humans the only mammal on the planet consuming milk into adulthood and on top of that, from another species? Just another example how far humanity has come from what Nature intended!

Conclusion: I believe she has not outgrown her lactose intolerance, and I do believe she suffers from Milk Protein Intolerance causing the mucus build up. These Milk Proteins can be hidden in things like; bread, crackers, cereal, processed packaged foods, processed meat, chocolate bars, protein bars, baked goods, desserts etc. see for more extensive list.

PS. And YES, for those you are thinking it, I have already suspected GLUTEN to be a contributor as the Wheat Protein – Gluten can have the same response as Milk Protein and as people are becoming more aware of Gluten and it’s side affects they are eliminating it from their diet and seeing huge results!